The supply of zero‑emission new vehicles is currently still very limited, especially for buses. Fully electric zero‑emission sightseeing buses are virtually unavailable on the market. But changes in the legal requirements, such as the introduction of environmental zones, create pressure to act in order to be able to continue operating these vehicles.

Manufacturer‑inde­pen­dent electrical conversions ("retrofits") of buses and trucks are a real option and offer a number of advantages in the commercial sector:

  • Rapid availability. A conversion can be completed within a few weeks.
  • Significantly lower operating costs. In the case of sightseeing double‑decker buses, the operating costs per kilometer can be roughly cut in half.
  • Sophisticated conversion technology that enables solid ranges.
  • Reliable planning for fleet operators, keywords: environmental zones, diesel driving bans. Example: The average service life of city sightseeing buses is about twice to three times as long as that of conventional city buses. This means that new vehicles purchased today (diesel buses) will no longer be allowed to be operated in cities until their "technical end of life".
  • Reduction of noise emissions. Example: In local public transport, the use of low‑noise vehicles can make a significant contribution to noise reduction in city centres. The gearless, electric direct drive is particularly suitable for this purpose as it has a minimum noise volume due to the elimination of approx. 80% of the moving parts in the drive train.
  • Higher payload after conversion incl. weight‑optimised design. Example truck: up to 30% more payload compared to the original diesel truck.
  • High driving comfort. Fully electric city buses immediately accelerate to the desired driving speed powerfully and without interruption of traction ("jerking") using the gearless, electric direct drive. This means greater comfort for passengers and bus drivers.
  • Image benefit. Electric buses and trucks are clean, quiet, comfortable and sexy. Converted trucks are then also suitable for sensitive night deliveries in urban environments.


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